If you get pleasure from computers and want to understand how computers and computer networks work, the pc technology field is perhaps the place to be. If that is true, then WACC’s Computer Expertise program is simply the program to kick-off your expertise related education and profession. Freeplay Foundation has attempted to handle the issue of electricity by first growing battery powered lights for rural areas of Africa piloting a undertaking also in Kenya in 2008.”The World Bank estimates that more than 500 million people in sub-Saharan Africa wouldn’t have access to electricity supplies that may very well be used to mild their properties” or power computer systems. 12 Freeplay has also supplied a distribution system by women that can provide earnings in promoting, repair and maintenance for purchasers and is prototyping in Kenya early in 2008. While purchasing the lights could pose a sustainability subject, such innovations could possibly be hopefully tapped for future powering of computer systems in Africa.